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Press Conference Microphones
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Press Conference Microphones


"The specialists of RoLink Biotechnology Kft. and the University of Pécs (PTE) have achieved a huge breakthrough in coronavirus research in the past two years, as thanks to their research, both the antibody and cellular immune response triggered by COVID-19 can be measured with a newly developed device. As a result of the research in the future, this procedure will also be applicable to other pathogens."

Pest Boys

Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky: I invite the Hungarian youth to join forces - The renewal of the Defense Forces is a huge opportunity for Hungarian innovation


The immune response induced by viruses has become measurable in Pécs with a new procedure

Hungarian Newspaper

Promising results against covid in Pécs


Covid research: Hungarian researchers have made enormous progress


Scientific breakthrough: Two types of the coronavirus were inactivated in Pécs


Pécs researchers stopped the Wuhan coronavirus


A new procedure is used to measure the immune response induced by viruses in Hungary

Radio show microphones
"Mononucleosis and biological defense capacity development" 

Kossuth Radio, Discoverer - about health, 2023

Europa Radio Pecsi orvosok otletebol erosodik az orszag virolgiai vedelmeArtist Name
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Radio show microphones
"Mononucleosis and biological defense capacity development" 

Kossuth Radio, Discoverer - about health, 2023

Kossuth Rádió - FELFEDEZŐ - AZ EGÉSZSÉGRŐL_2023.01.31.Artist Name
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Pécs researchers inactivated variants of the coronavirus with a new device

Radio show microphones
"Mechanized virus and bacteria killer." 

Kossuth Radio, Trend times, 2021

Trend-idők: Hetényi RolandArtist Name
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Young research doctors from Pécs succeeded in inactivating the coronavirus, which opens up new opportunities in domestic Covid research

PestiSrá noticed two research doctors from Pécs who, despite their young age, achieved breakthrough success in the field of coronavirus research, because, as predicted earlier, they really achieved one of their goals by the end of the year and succeeded in inactivating the virus with the help of UV light. This technique cannot be used to treat people, as it would require such strong UV radiation that it causes skin cancer and cataracts, but those who work with coronavirus every day can now do so without risk. 


Press releases

Pécs researchers conclude a successful COVID-19 project with an army of new procedures

Pécs researchers: a simple nasal spray could be the vaccine of the future

Virologists from Pécs inactivated the coronavirus with the help of a new device

Launch of the COVID-19 research and development project

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