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The present invention relates to a device adapted for the inactivation of pathogens in a biological sample, which device has a container; the container delimits a UV-C inactivation chamber; a light source that emits light in the UV-C range (100 nm - 280 nm); a support structure adapted for accommodating samples; where, on the one part, the container contains a prism or cylindrical shaped central element; on the other part, the container contains two hemisphere-shaped closing elements, where the hemisphere-shaped closing elements cover the central element in such a way that the inside of the hemisphere faces towards the inside of the central element, at least a part of the internal surface of the closing elements is provided with a coating that reflects UV-C light at least partially or it is made at least partially from such a material; at least one of the hemisphere-shaped closing elements can be opened; the light source has a longitudinal form and is located in and parallel to the axis of the container; each of the positions of the samples in the support structure formed for accommodating the sample-holding tubes are substantially at the same distance from the light source. The invention also relates to a method implemented with the device.

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Comparison of immune activation of the COVID vaccines: ChAdOx1, BNT162b2, mRNA-1273, BBIBP-CorV, and Gam-COVID-Vac from serological human samples in Hungary showed higher protection after mRNA-based immunization

E. Fodor, I. Olmos Calvo, O. Kuten-Pella, E. Hamar, M. Bukva, Á. Madár, I. Hornyák, A. Hinsenkamp, R. Hetényi, F. Földes, Z. Brigitta, F. Jakab, G. Kemenesi, Z. Lacza

Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci 2022; 26 (14): 5297-5306
DOI: 10.26355/eurrev_202207_29321


Utilizing Developmentally Essential Secreted Peptides Such as Thymosin Beta-4 to Remind the Adult Organs of Their Embryonic State—New Directions in Anti-Aging Regenerative Therapies

Maar, K.; Hetenyi, R.; Maar, S.; Faskerti, G.; Hanna, D.; Lippai, B.; Takatsy, A.; Bock-Marquette, I.

Cells 2021, 10, 1343.


Bioresorbable implants vs. Kirschner-wires in the treatment of severely displaced distal paediatric radius and forearm fractures - a retrospective multicentre study

Varga, Marcell ✉ ; Józsa, Gergő ; Hanna, Dániel ; Tóth, Máté ; Hajnal, Bence ; Krupa, Zsófia ; Kassai, Tamás

BMC MUSCULOSKELETAL DISORDERS 23 : 1 Paper: 362 , 9 p. (2022)


Development of a Novel X-ray Compatible 3D-Printed Bone Model to Characterize Different K-Wire Fixation Methods in Support of the Treatment of Pediatric Radius Fractures

Lamberti, Anna Gabriella ; Ujfalusi, Zoltan ; Told, Roland ; Hanna, Dániel ; Józsa, Gergő** ✉ ; Maróti, Péter

POLYMERS 13 : 23 Paper: 4179 , 20 p. (2021)


UV-C inactivation, and in vitro characterization of SARS-CoV-2 virus 

R. Hetényi, F. Földes, Z. Brigitta, F. Jakab, G. Kemenesi, Z. Lacza

Roland Hetenyi MD1,3, Daniel Hanna MD2,4, Balazs Somogyi5, Ferenc Jakab PhD6, Edina Szabo-Meleg, Krisztian Banyai, Janos Nacsa


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